Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 17(January 2011)- Most Frustrating Semester Ever for me.

I have missed weeks 3-16, too busy!

For many reasons this semester has been very frustrating for me. [Huge Initial class sizes, Department Under Staffed, New Bell Schedule,VERY IMMATURE BOYS, PLC meetings(doublespeak for dept meetings), Rookie Year as LEGO Robotics Coach]
In restrospect I must say my attitude has been at least 50% of the problem.

I think I have found balance and am ready to proceed and have a lot of fun with my students.

I think I forgot to to this, have fun with my students, this past 16 weeks.

I did Present this October at the Cal Sci Teachers Conference. Pictured with me are my colleagues, co-presenters, and friends: Mary Nelson, Kendia Herrington and Paul Lake)

I did get to visit the Kennedy Space Center in November. Totally awesome trip! I am pictured in front of the Command Module from Apollo 14.