Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 1 (Aug 2010): Rough Start. Too Many Students!

Photo of me Pointing at a heavy
Russian Airlift plane with a
Zeppelin in back ground under
the tail and the end of Hanger 1 to frame it!

Summer has come an gone. Wild-Wonderful-Exciting first 2 weeks of summer at NASA Ames working with college students and helping them become teachers

A week of camping and cabin maintenance and 4th of July weekend
Me, Bro-In-Law Brian,
Nephew Jared fixing deck

About 2 weeks of repainting the master bedroom and trips to my hometown of Bishop.

Jan and I In front of the Margerie Glacier
About a week preparing for the following 2 week trip up the West coast, Vancouver B.C. and Alaska on a cruise ship, culminating in Glacier Bay.

About a week of recovery from vacation, and making a rabbit hutch for my son then it was time to get back to work with school!

The Kinney Boys at the Boeing
Flight Museum, Seattle.
Ya, I grew a beard, started as a joke at a friend, but then the joke was on me when my wife liked me better with one!

Week in Review Aug 23-27

I have 54 students in one class! THe res are over 40.  I have seats normally for 40, with an average class size of 35 kids over the past 5 years.  My school district, Clovis Unified, has High class numbers compared to 25 being the average in neighboring school districts. Because of these high class numbers this has been the worst start of the year I have ever experienced in 24 years. I really like my students, there are just too many of them. 

My honors science class gave me an ovation yesterday after the burning can demo (see week 1 posts from last August).

Well, tough start to get it done, be positive, and help anyone I can.

Love to teach and Teach with Passion!

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