Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2-was I even gone.

I walked about school today and it feels as if I never left. Almost as if summer vacation was just a two week break.

Summer reset.

We enter June needing a break. Often my students have mentally checked out after the state tests end in early May and that month is almost a waste, marking time. When June-teenth hits it is a celebration of freedom in more than one way.

June is a gift from heaven (unless you are doing summer school). It's like a month of Friday and Saturday nights. Playtime. August is a vague concept that you just don't want to think about yet.

July is borrowed time. It's so much free time that you may not know what to do with yourself. August has become a nagging feeling, not quite worry but surely something to avoid. You'd like to ignore the concept of August but it just gets larger in sync with the ongoing calendar dates.

Then it happens. What should have been 7-31 turns into...AUGUST!

August is not so bad once it happens. A good attitude since you can do nothing to change it. School will start in a few weeks, free time is soon to be gone. Now you really have use your days to the fullest. It takes half of June and all of July for you to really appreciate your time off.

Bordom is not the right word. Restlessness is a better word. Something is missing from your lazy summer days. You decide to go look at your class room.
Take a few posters out, delete a couple of months of SPAM from your computer. Bumping into a colleague is a nice chance to compare summer break.

Suddenly you have done the summer re-set. Then after a blur of meetings you are out on morning duty waving at last years students as they grimmace with worry about their first day of High School.

Back at your room are a bunch new faces. It's like you never left...and state tests are 8 months away.

Enjoy your students.

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