Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 1 Day 4 Homework Full Credit Stamp

A good day. We are on an 88 minute block schedule at my school with alternating odd and even days. Today was our 4th day back but only the 2nd day with each of the even classes. Students loved the Burning Can Demo (last blog) done with the fresh new paint can. It is loud and the top bounces off the ceiling.

Our staff party will be at our house tomorrow. Hottest day of the week will be about the time we are gathering here. Good old Murphys Law.

Our district has to cut 16 million dollars. I was invited to a mid day luncheon with our new superentendent. I respectfully declined for 2 reasons:
First-I'd have to plan for a 1/2 day sub which would totally mess up my lab schedule.
Second-If we are in a financial crisis we should not be spending money on subs when and afterschool luncheon would do fine.

Today's Best Practice: The Full Credit stamp.
When I collect homework I collect it from every student. If they did not do the work at home, they do it while we are going over the correct answers and during the day's lab. They get pretty frustated missing the fun part of class while their peer are having fun. I allow 1/2 credit for this.

At the beginning of class, while they are writing in their planners, I have them take out their finished homework. I quickly stamp their paper if it is finished, or, depending upon the student and their skill level, if it appears to me they made the best effort they could to complete it.

Later when I grade the papers the stamp tells me it's on time and can get full credit. We have already gone over the correct answers to questions so I am pretty confident they have correct answers. I will spot check a few questions to verify accuaracy.

Often the homework paper will be the TICKET OUT THE DOOR (previous blog). I ususally allow the students with a full credit stamp to leave first. Then spend a few minutes discussing with each late-work student why their paper was late and what they need to do differently on later assignments to get it in on time.

Well I hope this helps, or gives you some better ideas. Please share.

Love to Teach and Teach with Passion.

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