Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 11, Day 3: taking too long on labs.

Today students took their Force vocabulary quiz , Finished the Friction lab and began to review for the unit test.

Today's Best Practice: Make a "Notes Wall" for students that missed class to use as a tool to get missing work. In the past I would print little notes for them (easy since my notes are on power point). Now I post them on the back wall. All my notes are on my webpage for them to copy as well but few do.

I have taken too long to get labs completed. In the past we did them in class, set up the graph and then they went home and finished (well about 1/3 would finish them). Now I'm taking 2 (or 3) class periods and not making them take them home. I like giving them more time, but I need to end it on the 2nd day. My problem stems from the differing rates that various classes can get stuff done. And I'm trying to do too much.

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