Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 13, Day 4: My room is quiet now...and give your students MORE TIME

ODD Block period-Students taking Force and Motion Benchmark test.

Last week I po$ted that my air conditioner NEVER $TOP$. The next day two district energy tech's were in my room, one of them the district ENERGY CZAR himself (an old colleague and friend..$tu Ogren). The next day I had total control of the AC unit blower. I have never heard the class so quiet. Yippie. Money talk$.

When my students ask me why I have so many clocks in my room I tell them, "In the past, students would complain that they needed more time in class. So I gave it to them with the clocks with times from around the world. As a kid watching the Mary Tyler Moore show, I was fascinated with all the clocks on the wall of the newsroom. The Utahraptor on the bottom left says "Feeding time Jurassic Park". I have an "Atomic Clock" with elements 1-12 symbols instead of numbers. I turned a model of the Starship Enterprise into a clock. It's silly and it's fun. You need to do a bit silly and have fun with your middle school kids.

So there...take that!

Hope this helps,

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Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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