Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 13, Day 5: Start Astro and Thanksgiving!

EVEN Block periods: After transcribing the answers from my wrong test version post of 2 days ago we started Astronomy with an interesting INTRO TO ASTRONOMY web search of the ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY website...THE BEST WEBSITE ON THE WEB.

I am thankful for being an 8th grade science teacher. I love working with these wonderful kids. They let me keep in touch with my inner child...which is pretty close to the surface.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Introduction to Astronomy assignment is an interesting web search from this NASA sponsored site. You can download a copy of the worksheet from my web site listed below on the calendar for today. Here is today's Picture.

Explanation: This bright meteor streaked through dark night skies over
Sutherland, South Africa on November 15. Potentially part of the annual Leonid meteor shower, its sudden, brilliant appearance, likened to a camera's flash, was captured by chance as it passed between two clouds. Of course, the two clouds are also visible to the eye in dark southern skies - the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds - satellite galaxies of our own Milky Way. This year's Leonid meteor shower peaked on November 17 as the Earth passed through the stream of dust from periodic comet Tempel-Tuttle.
Happy thanksgiving. Clear and Steady skies.
Hope this helps,
Love to Teach and Teach with Passion
Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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