Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 14, Day 2: Be Flexible...and have a back up plan.

Even Block: Today was a catch-up day for my even classes. This due to the goof up with the wrong test answer sheet and jumping ahead a day giving them the benchmark test.

Sometimes things don't go as you plan and you have a class looking at you for direction. You may need a few minutes to work out the problem. When this happens I have students work on the next homework assignment or project. ALWAYS HAVE THIS TO FALL BACK ON. Always have them DO SOMETHING...but do not waste their time.

It is real easy to let your frustration be thrown at your students by being grumpy or snapping at them. It's not their fault you misplanned. Be cool, and flexible.

As I had students get a head start on their homework (Solar System Vocabulary Logograph[picture] flash cards) I set up a quick FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT SURVEY. I had them read some facts about the planets. On white boards I wrote the name of each planet, except Earth. Then I had students go stand by their favorite planet, talk to the others in their group and list 1 reason why they like that planet. It was fun and I gave an interesting fact about each planet as they shared their reason.

Hope this helps,

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Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science



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