Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 14, Day 3: Solar System Survey and a laugh

ODD BLOCK SCHEDULE: We created the foldable notes for the planets, reviewed the Force and Motion Benchmark test, and did a fun formative assessment stand by your favorite planet survey.

TODAY'S BEST PRACTICE: Do class surveys where all have to participate. Use thumbs up/Thumbs down. Use all stand up, now sit if ______, Or make signs in the room and go stand by your choice.

The photo shows the survey white board for Neptune, One of the posters for my word wall, and me 2 week assignments calendar

I really like the Astronomy unit. Kids like it too. The best part is when talking about the planets to mention that Saturn is so light compared to its mass that if you could put it in a giant bathtub it would FLOAT....but it will leave a BIG ring in the tub. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I wont even mention the Uranus what does toilet paper and STAR TREK have in common? They both circle Uranus looking for KLINGONS! L.O.L.

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