Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week 14, Day 4: Foldable Flip Chart Notes

EVEN BLOCK: We crafted astronomy foldable notes, went over the force and motion benchmark test, and i checked off the Solar System Vocabulary Logo graph flip cards on to my seating chart.

Today's Best Practice: Foldable notes take less space, increase note density, are more organized and are FUN.
The picture below shows 3 things. On the bottom left is my class notebook showing the foldable notes real size. The top right is a large version of the notes from last year, i have added one more piece of paper this year resulting in 4 more section for notes. On the right are the labels to go in the notes. We still have to fill in the brackets with Inner/Outer planet facts.
We made these by stacking 4 sheets of lined paper (looks really cool with colored paper or highlighting tabs). We slid the top sheet up 1 or 2 lines, repeated for the rest. Folded the the top of the stack to the bottom. Stapled top of each side, folded in half vertically then cut up from the bottom to 1 inch from the top to separate inner from outer solar system.

Foldable notes have become fashionable in the past few years. I don't usually follow trends but this is a good one.
Hope this helps,
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