Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 15, Day 5: Ellipse Lab and oops.

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE: Reviewed the Light-Year and A.U. homework assignment and tried the ellipse lab.  In Honors science did WHAT'S YOUR SIGN Astronomy reading passage and CONTACT video clip.

The ellipse lab went pretty well period 2.  Just got it done.  As is usually the case, the first time you do the lab you find out had to present it and set it up and make it flow.  Period 4 did not go so well.  I got it started too late. We barely had time to get the materials.  I saw this coming and went ahead anyway.  I should have just stopped the lab and had them work on homework.

The last column shows how many days of the year the sun is in the constellations listed.

In Honors Science I read an article from SKY AND TELESCOPE called "What's Your Sign?". It's about using Astrology Sun signs to get people to learn some Astronomy. It's very interesting and you learn a buch of astronomy.  It's on my school website home page under Notes and Major Assignment and then Reading Passages. After the reading passage students look at their star charts, then learn stellar navigation and then we watch the contact scene from the movie CONTACT.
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