Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 25, Day 5: Even Periods are now the best behaved

Even block period: graded homework, did white powder lab.

My even periods are now calmer and better behaved.  My odd periods (except period 1...they are still half asleep) are becoming loud and obnoxious.

Final day to get ready for Science Olympiad. I got here early and let some
teams work on their last minute adjustments for science Olympiad. 

To make the day even more hectic...Food fair today. I had half the period in my room having students prepare their Science Olympiad event boxes and  half my lunch spent checking the boys bathroom. After school packed up truck with sci oly boxes and went to happy hour with some staff and my wife.

Science Olympiad drains me.  I spend almost all non-class time hours coaching Science Olympiad and I get punch from lack of having "down" time.

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