Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 26, Day 5: Short periods and Rally and P Er I O d I C N Am Es!

Odd Block Periods
Due to shorter periods we really just had tome to go over homework, reveiw some notes and prepare for the next homework.
Friday rally schedule.  Classes a bit shorter than usual. Actually about the length of next years class periods on the 3 day non-block periods.
This is The Periodic Names Assignment.  A fun artsey project that looks great at Open House
You see our school and the connected High School do not have enough minutes per period compared to the other schools in the district and we have to change our schedule next year.  For me this means one less section of teaching and an hour a week MORE with my students.  YES!

I was rally co-M.C.. I am shy by nature, I overcome that in class by being semi wacky, being over the top is my stichk.  I would much rather wear a mascot suit so noone knows who I am.  I over come this very well, I doo great on stage, but it leave may lepidopterans in my gastric region.

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