Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 26, Day 2: An even day calm after the storm and a new problem.

Tuesday, ODD BLOCK SCHEDULE: Following my subsitute lesson plan from yesterday but finishing the Nova Kaboom video instead of Scientific American Frontiers Video:Hydrogen Hopes.

Substitute lessons are usually nice and easy and it makes it easy for me when I come back to school after an absence. 

A student from my period 5 class came in to see me at lunch about some missing work.  I asked how things went with the sub yesterday.  He said some kids were not working and some throwing things like erasers and that one of my plastic models (a 1/72 scale F-16) was broken and hidden in a drawer. 

Grapes thrown and smashed last Thursday in period 7 and now Hooliganism in period 5.

Because of earning high grades and nobody failing at semester, I allowed these 2 classes to make their own seating chart.  It was a bit noisy  but I let it go anyway.  This is my reward.  I have to say that period  1 and 2, my two early morning classes, have managed pretty well with their own seating chart as did my period 8 Honors Science Class. I did not allow my period 4 kids to make their own seating chart.  Period 4 is one of the best behaved.  I have learned my lesson.

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