Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 25, Day 1: Wow...this was a NICE day.

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE:  Same lesson as last entry.

This was a really nice day and an easy one. I have the lesson timing down well.

I've often said, "You are a better teacher 8th period than you are 1st".
The only problem is that you may be tired by then!

This is the last week to prepare for the Science Olympiad Competition.  As usual the students have not had their building projects completed two weeks ago as they should/

Two teams is too many. Only one team form now on.  Next year they have to have the building done by end of January.  This has to be a fault of mine because it this the same occurance every year. I have to change how I approach this, but I do not want to be making the projects myself.

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