Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 26, Day 1: A day off teaching and Science Olympiad reflection

ODD BLOCK PERIOD: Substitute lesson: Scientific American Frontiers video: HYDROGEN HOPES, Textbook Isotope Outline Worksheet and then for Homework: INTRO TO ISOTOPES.

I spent the day at our district office with 4 other colleagues, one from each of the other middle schools, revising our 8th grade unit benchmark tests.  A nice day. Got 90% of the task done.

I walked home afterwords. It took me an hour and I maintained a 4.5 mile and hour pace.

Last Saturday my two teams competed and came in 10th and 12 place. I feel like both me and my students let each other down. Most of the students only wanted to do 2 events. In past winning years most did 4 events with some doing 5.  I did not push them to do more. That is where I failed them.  I need to have another coach next year.  Mrs Gaede is happy to help and I will use her more next year.  I will field only 1 team.  If more kids want to compete then they had better work hard early and show me.  THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR I DID NOT TOTALLY ENJOY THE PROCESS. Mediocrity was happening this year and from now on I will fight it to death with my light saber!

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