Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 27, Day 2: Getting my "sea" legs back.

Odd block schedule: Period 1 , begin NOVA Kaboom video.  Period 5 and 7  do white powder lab(after a week off from labs due to the grape and broken model airplane incidents).
Day felt hectic, kids are a bit more hyper, we just had the daylight savings time switch and we now have sunny warm perfect weather after almost 2 months of clouds and rain. I need a vacation more that the kids to.  My colleagues feel the same way about the hyperness of the the kids.  We hope next week will be better for kids behavior.

I'm almost recovered from the intensity of the final weeks of science olympiad.  My room is a mess and I need to get it cleaned up.  Open house next week.  I need to get ready for that.

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