Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 25, Day 3: Running around too much.

EVEN BLOCK PERIOD: Began Nova Kaboom video and introduced the periodic table.

I did double double duty by helping my neighbors substitute do a lab. My neighboring science teacher colleage is at Jury duty this week.

Periods 2 and 4 I went to the other classroom to so the lab.  The sub came over to my room to cover while students started the video.

During my period 6 prep the sub saw me do the lesson and felt comfortable enough to do the lab hersepf period 8. It is the 4 white powders lab and it is simple and easy to do.
The Sub was able to do the lesson no problem on her own after seeing me model the lab. She is really good. It's great to have a competent sub.

My Honors Science class listened to the reading passage on Dmitri Mendeleev figuring out the periodic table.

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