Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 33, Day 4: Polymer Fun

Test schedule and period 6 (prep YES) and 8 honors.

Today I had to give a test and not just student-sit. It was our dept 7th grade test. They finished early and I got out the embossing powder again (yesterday) and also let them make borax/glue polymer "GLUEP". I never made this in class before and SHAME on me. Totally fun!

During my prep I  made a paper polymer lab and added to it some activities on Polymers from a session I attended at the 2008 NSTA Portland conference.

I created a paper polymer activity to show how repeating glucose molecules connected can make either Starch, Cellulose (wood) or Glycogen.

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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