Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 34, Day 3: Are other teachers kids nicer than our own students?

Last testing schedule of the year. Then Periods 2 and 4 in the afternoon. Apollo 1 video (see blog w33d3)
I have so enjoyed the 7th graders that spent some time in my class these past two weeks for testing. This is how it must feel to be a grand parent.

I used the video today to be a time of getting missing work turned in. This is the only time all year that I had period 4 at the end of the day.  I told them if you do not get your work done (ticket out the door) then you do not leave. I HAD TONS OF WORK TURNED IN!

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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