Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 3 Day 2- Dorky 8th grade boys...past and present.

Yesterday I saw the first signs of Fall. Not hot or muggy, a gentle breeze blowing a few dried up leaves. September. For so much of my formative years Fall meant SCHOOL. I hated school...or so I thought. I don't remember doing much homework. I remember being in class...just there...a lump on a log unless I had a buddy or two in the same class then we recited Cheech n Chong's BIG BAMBOO album. I remember being in Mr. K's 7th grade class (there were 2 Mr. K's at our school, one nick-named Big-Fig and the other Bible Bill) and we were to give a report on a science project we were to have been doing. Well Wade, Eric and I were clueless. I remember Grace and Leslie went up to do their report on CLASSIFICATION. They talked about Kingdoms through species. They did the classification of an elephant I believe. I was dumb founded. How did they do did they know that. I was both amazed...and without knowing it humiliated. How did they know that?


I totally get them. I was one. I am still dorky. I come down on my dorky 8th grade boys pretty firm. I do it because I want them to be able to get up when it's their turn to give their presentation and not stand there saying what I did,"We didn't do anything...gosh shucks ah...can we sit down now?". I want them to not wear the sticker on their head saying CLUELESS DORKY BOY. I don't want them to bear the humiliation of CLUELESS. That's a pain I never liked. Now, please, bear the sticker: DORKY BOY WITH PRIDE...I STILL DO IN MANY WAYS, just ask my wife, my boys, my friends, my colleagues, and my students.

Now that I am a professional teacher I want to ask 7th grade Mr.K., "What the hell were you doing when I was supposed to be doing research...why were you not coming down hard on me and making do some work?" I really want to know. I'll have to ask the four winds...and I hope the answer is, "I was doing the best I could..sorry I let you down".

Will a past student of mine ask the future four winds the same question about me. Probably, but hopefully not many. When they do, the answer will be, "I was doing the best I could..sorry I let you down"

Fall is in the air...just a little bit.

Later in life, during college, Fall meant back to Fresno State University and my new chance on life. Later in life, and up to now, fall means a new group of fresh students to share my love of life and teaching with.

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Most look upon spring as the rebirth time. For me it's fall, time to cool down, shed off the old, glory in storms and hopefully snow, see glorious constellation ORION rise in the early morning sky and hurrying along to make an early evening winter appearance. Ahh...Fall! And Good-night 7th grade Mr.K, thanks for doing with me what you could.

I hope this helps,

Love to Teach and Teach with Passion

Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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