Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week 3 Day 4 - Old vs. New and Improvement

Out with the Old and In with the new? I'll keep this short...I'm told I write too much

TODAY'S BEST PRACTICE...Improve 10% per year and leave yourself reminder notes for next years lessons.

Educator Harry K. Wong says to improve your teaching 10% per year. I do it by tweaking my lab or worksheets, or power point notes*, or by trying to just be better at some part of my style that needs improving. This year I'm trying to interact with each student a little bit more, especially the nice quiet ones that shy away from attention...they can easily get over looked. Also I am trying to not let the goofy distracting boy get me off task.

*I tweak my power points, if need be, right in the middle of a lecture if I need to fix a goof or add an important point.

I collected the MINI SCIENCE PROJECT the last two days. It's a group project. Mostly good results. Some groups are finding some difficulty, members absent, or taking the project home and not bringing it back, or only one person is dong the work.

I do the project as a way to review the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and wait out the first weeks of schedule change.

My 25 year old colleague and 3rd year teacher said he wont to the project as a group project any more. He make them each do it individually now and turn in a much smaller display. He showed me his and they looked neat.

So I have to ask myself, "Should I change how I do it too?". I have done this for about 18 years. Should I continue to have a high point group project early in the year BEFORE I know the kids well enough to try to avoid a poor performing group to form.

You need to always evaluate what you've done. Leave notes to yourself in your planner for next year. They are wonderful pieces of forgotten wisdom and guidance until you look at them again.

I hope this helps,

Love to Teach and Teach with Passion

Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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