Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 4 Day 4 Making Adjustments, Part 1

-Rethinking Note taking.

Economic downturn has hit our school district and the most recent evidence of this is ALMOST NO PAPER!!! I am having to reduce the amount of paper I use by about 90 percent.

Wow. This means that I have been using way more paper than I needed to FOR YEARS! I no longer have the luxury of printing notes for my kids to take onto their notebooks, nor running off academic openers for them or lots of worksheets or graph paper on the back of their labs.

I THINK THIS IS KIND OF A GREAT EXERCISE IN CREATIVITY on my part and will force the students to do more work by writing more. This may even improve the handwriting of the boys from chicken scratch to hieroglyphics.

We are starting the first chapter in our book; Motion. In place of a whole bunch of worksheets we used to work on together I went over 3 new vocabulary words (reference point , vector, and displacement) and I gave them a ruler and we drew and labeled each part on the board, then I gave them 4 practice problems to work out the vectors into a plot showing the displacement. Then we changed gears and set up their class folders. The timing was good, not too long and they had something to do other than just take notes.


I hope this helps,

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Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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