Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 5, Day 5 Catch-up Blahs

I have the blahs today. We didn't do a new lab today. It was a catch-up day. You need one of those every few weeks.

We finished the Speed Buggy Lab write up. We also presented the Mini Science Project. We also went over the Intro to speed worksheet, which took a lot of time.

Next entry is a lesson. I've been tired or preoccupied the past week from me field trip.

Getting older really affects your teaching style. I'm very skilled with lots of experiance... Which means I have a lot of tricks to pull out of my sleeve. I try to plan and guide my lessons with some subtlety. 5 years ago I had more energy. 10 Years ago I was a high energy bulldozer. Now I better understand my mentors from 25 years ago.

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