Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 16, Day 4

Same lesson as yesterday, Finish Tuesday's movie and take some notes and for Honors Science, go over some homework questions.

Lots of prep time but I busy getting honors science gifts set up, making key for the Astronomical unit/Light-year calculation page, and getting my part (taco bell ) taken care of for our luncheon. I gave students the option of coming in at lunch today and Acid etching a glass for the gifts. 

One girl came in and did the acid etch.

The photo shows the laminated periodic table from Sargent-Welsh (a very nice table), a Candy cane pen with peppermint spelling ink, and the "Dam" picture from our September field trip up to Courtright Lake and the photo from the top of the dam.

The other picture is the "Dam Picture" from 10 years ago.

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