Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 18, Day 5: Starting the Sabotage Unit

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE. Periods 2 and 4 did the WHATS YOUR SIGN? lesson from last week (Week 17 day 4).  Period 8 Honors Science finished solar system notes and begun Star notes.

We have shorter periods today due to the Club Schedule. We have 4 club schedules a year. The past 3 years I have had overflowing dorky boys for the Rocket Club, Paper Model building club and the STAR WARS club last year. This year I have the Science Fiction Reading club. Only 1 kid signed up. I have been combined with the quiet reading club, so we now have about 25 students total.

I am slowly getting the forensic lab unit called SABOTAGE UNIT together. I did it for the last time with a colleague (Jeff Hodges) 6 years ago. He put it together after attending a conference workshop in the late '90's. It is a lot of work even with most of it kit form. I knew this 10 years ago when Jeff was kind enough to share it with me and now after he entrusted me with it after he moved to the dark side and became an administrator (okay that was too much. he is a councilor so he didn't earn the title Darth Hodges).
I am in the middle of getting the slides of hair samples redone and figuring out how to do the pen ink paper-chromatography . The old pens have dried up and I need to find a new set of 6 different soluble black ink pens. I AM A CHARTER MEMBER OF THE PROCRASTINATORS CLUB and I can’t put this off any more. It has to be up in one week.

So I'd better get to it.   Thank you Jeff for this unit.
(photos: Left, the hair analysis station. Right, paper chromatraphy station)

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