Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 19, Day 1: Units: Winding down and gearing up.

ODD BLOCK SCHEDULE: Stars and Galaxy Notes and Vocabulary Quiz.

Finishing Astronomy today and tomorrow. I have got the next 4 weeks STRATEGICALLY planned. Yes what a relief.

I love Astronomy but my Astronomy unit does not have many activities or labs THAT ARE TIED TO THE STATE CURRICULUM. So it can get a little long for the kids. 

The upcoming Density unit is lab and activity rich, but I have had to cut it to 2 weeks in place of the normal 4.  I will still do the tissue paper hot air balloon build for honors science but not the general science classes.

I am getting long range training from a friend in Washington about crititical thinking in the classroom.  I'm trying to get away from the old standard of "shut and an listen to me" to "what do you know, how can you apply it and how can you add on to it".  I like it but it is not easy.

The photo shows todays foldable notes for STARS, STAR EVOLUTION, GALAXIES.  Also the star chart from the What's your sign can be seen also.

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