Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 18, Day 4: Plan Ahead Plan Ahead Plan Ahead-then follow your Plan!

ODD BLOCK- Finish Alien Planet and View Spectral lines in glowing gases. See yesterday's post for details.

I am 4 weeks behind.  I should be finishing my 4th unit (Density and Buoyancy) but I am a week away from finishing my 3rd unit(Astronomy).

I am like an explosive gas, more than taking up the volume of space around me.  Give me a semesters worth (19 weeks) of curriculum and I WILL GET IT DONE IN 22!

My problem is not having too many labs/activites to do.  My problem is SUCH A ROOKIE MISTAKE: Lack of proper Lesson Planing.

I am great at TACTICAL LESSON PLANNING, that is planing to make labs, notes, demos, video clips and activites mesh together in totally cool lessons.  I have been BAD at STRATEGIC LESSON PLANNING, this being planning, pacing the start and stop of each unit and deciding which labs/activites to use and which to skip, and then sticking to the start/stop dates.

I started Astronomy the week before Thanksgiving. I should have been done with it before Christmas vacation.
Well heck, I will make it up by cutting back on time in the Chemistry unit and making Density and Buoyancy real short. 
You have to begin your lesson planning STRATEGICALLY and I am doing that this 3 day M.L.K. memorial weekend with my plan book.

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