Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 19, Day 3:Go Go Go Go

ODD BLOCK SCHEDULE: End Astronomy with slide show of deep space objects and begin Density/Buoyancy unit.

I usually get to work and go full speed until I leave. It can be pretty tiring. I multitask constantly, my wife would be impressed, she doesn’t see that too often (I think I am too burnt out from work to multitask at home).
We all have our own work ethic. We need to work up to that standard. It can drive you nuts when other people do not have the same standard. Other standards can look higher or better or lower or worse than ours.
I’m noisy and loud in my class, sometimes bigger than life. Is that scary for some kids? I gotta be me. I’ll look at some of colleagues (that I respect) and try to bring some of their best qualities to larger life in me.

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