Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 17, Day 1: Getting back in the saddle

Even Block Schedule

Monday was a staff development day.  This one was okay.  We began work on updating our benchmark tests. It was nice to not have to be "up" and "on-stage" today.

I recommend that you give yourself an easy lesson plan for the day your return from a holiday break. For me it was watching a video, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON Part 6 MARE TRANQUILITATIS (Apollo 11).

I have the blaaz. It is hard this time to get back into school mode. I envy our sister school district right now, they have 3 weeks off for vacation, that is the only thing I envy about that district.

Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to walk on the moon really wanted to be first.  I think it is neat that most of the Aloppo 11 pictures on the moon walk are of him. Neal had the camera.  Buzz's Revenge!

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