Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 17, Day 3: Stressing and coaching Science Olympiad and lack of time.

Even Block: Same lesson as yesterday( astronomy notes and video clips).
I am feeling some stress.  I should be finishing a unit that I have not even started yet (density and buoyancy). I need to get some small items(paper work for science olympiad fees and team shirt fees) taken care of to relieve some stress.  I need to get a forensic lab unit set up for Honors Science, I need to be a better coach for two of the Science Olympiad teams. 

I thnks a lot of my stress is Science Olympiad.  It takes about 50% of my prep time and services only 7% of my kids.  Often I have no down-time for grading or prep because I have the Science Olympiad students in my class much of the time getting ready for compitition. When they leave I need to get away from school and go home.  I love working woth the team but it is a time it is for any coach.The older I get the harder it gets to bring work home.

My #1 priority for my Science Olympiad teams are to HAVE FUN.  I think they are.

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