Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 21, Day 2: Everything changes the same.

Virtual density labs were a lot of fun. I think next year I will do them before the actual hands-on lab. The virtual lab may let them get use to dividing correctly (why is it middle school kids want to divide backwards that is Volume/mass!?).
You even have to show them the order to enter the numbers in the calculator.

A colleague mentioned how kids now are rarely outside playing and that kids today are really missing out on hands on old fashioned fun and getting lazier and lazier. My dad was saying the same thing about my generation and my grandfather felt the same about kids having cars to drive around and not knowing how to properly take care of a horse or a mule. Everything changes and Everything stays the same.

I am getting ready for a department meeting tomorrow. No students stayed after school today for science Olympiad. I went to a Science Olympiad coaches meeting and look at these models of planets I found in a teachers room.

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