Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 22, Day 4 :Ho-Hum and Qualities Great teachers.

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE: Same lesson as yesterday.

Today was just an okay day. I prefer days to be really fun or busy or crazy. It was neat seeing all the students in here for sci oly at lunch.
In Honors Science the Sabotage unit lab time over. Now we need to get caught up to my other classes.

A friend sent me an article about great teacher qualities.
Here are 10 qualities of a great teacher according to the article:
(1) has a sense of humor;
(2) is intuitive;
(3) knows the subject matter;
(4) listens well;
(5) is articulate;
(6) has an obsessive/compulsive side;
(7) can be subversive; *
(8) is arrogant enough to be fearless;
(9) has a performer’s instincts;
(10) is a real taskmaster.
*I think this should be"team player" or ENJOYS KIDS or Loves their subject and teaches it with passion or helps colleagues orimprooves 10% per year)
Here is the source:
Qualities of Great Teachers.

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