Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 23, Day 2: Thinking of Dad.

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE: Same lesson as yesterday. Honors Science Turned in their Sabotage forensic lab unit and all but finished the Buoyance unit.

I spend so much of my time in my room at luncha nd after school working on sceince olympiad that it can drive me nuts. It was fun in class today a lunch is the Sceince olympiad kids, but my frustration level is increasing.  only 2 more weeks until it is done.

About 2 years ago my father lost his eldest son, my brother Ernie age 63. About 1 year ago my Dad passed away at age 90. I spent this weekend in my home town of Bishop California visiting my Mom and siblings. I have been thinking a lot about my Dad this week.  He lived a long and interesting life. A character with character. We all had a lot of time to prepare for his passing. Me most of all.  Being the youngest of 6 kids I am between 10 to 20 years younger than my siblings. Dad was in his 60"s when I went to college, a time when many of his friends were passing away.  Every time my dorm telphone would ring I would wonder if "THIS WAS THE CALL"?.  I had to wait 30 years for that call.  I think I may have been the best prepared for his passing due to years of mental preparation.

The photo is 3 generations of family, Dad (grand marshall of MULE DAYS), Ernie, and my son Anthony.  That was a fun day.

Dad thank you for your work ethic, it has helped to make me a great teacher and a good citizen.

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