Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 21, Day 5:Paper towel dispenser. You won’t believe this

EVEN BLOCK SCHEDULE: Begin Buoyancy with notes and Bill Nye Buoyancy video.

Today’s big plan is to move the towel dispenser from under the front podium in a cabinet to someplace that it can actually be used. It can be used best in the back of the room between two sinks.
At a team meeting last week we found out the reason the dowel dispenser was placed in this local. Are you ready?

Here you go.
When the school first opened the sinks in the podiums tended to leak a little. So, the logical thing to do is…put a towel dispenser to clean up the leak. I mean why check the seals and tighten up the pipe joints when you could just…constantly wipe up a drippy mess.

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