Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 23, Day 1: Student knowledge, Looking back, Looking forward

ODD BLOCK SCHEDULE: Taking unit Density test and completing the 1st semester science standards pre-post survey

The first week of school I give my students a survey of the 1st semester sceince standards. They check off how well they know the standard.  Most students mark None(1) or A Little bit(2), etc. The scale goes up to Got It All (5).

Today I gave them that same survey sheet and they answered it again using different post semester check off symbols from the pre-survey.

After students complete the post survey check off they add up the pre and post survey points.  This data is used to fill in a 5 axis graph, called a RADARGRAM.

The students pre semester knowledge becomes a small pentagon with the post semester data becoming a larger outer concentric pentagon.  The area between represents the amout of knowledge they have gained.

Students are usually amazed at, "How much I learned".  It is really neat to see their surprise and see their self appraisal graph.

If time permits I allow them to color the radargram.  It looks nicer and 8th graders are just big kindergarteners and love to color.

The top 2 photos show the chart of an honors student. The bottom photo is a bit more typical of the look of the radargrams. 

These charts were shown to me years ago when our school district went through a lot of BALDRIDGE TRAINING. It was a method of "getting all our arrows pointing the same direction". I took our state science standards and turned it into this tool.  Students also get to give me feedback about favorite activities and what they would like me to change.

I hope this helps.

Love to teach and Teach with Passion

It's not Magic, It's Science!

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