Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 21, Day 4: The Best Bill Nye VIdeo, Dumpster Diving and Burning my finger!

ODD BLOCK PERIOD: Begin Buoyancy with the Bill Nye Buoyancy Video, Give and fill-in notes.

The BEST BILL NYE VIDEO is the Buoyancy Video.  It is perfect for 8th graders, 8th grade curriculum, and it has HIGH DENSITY info on Buoyancy. Our next lab, The Buoyancy Boat lab, is a simple version of the water displacing boat demo he does near the beginning to illustrate Archimedes principal.

After school today I worked with my Sceince "Olympiaders".  Erin learned how to solder wires for use in a conductivity tester, she was so happy with her new skill and she may be better than me at it.  She burned my finger with the iron as I reach for it and she was trying to be helpful and hand it to me. Everybody laughed at the light color burned area on my right index finger...even I laughed-it was minor and totally an accident.

The boys were excited because they got to go dumpster diving again looking for cardboard to make a custom box for JUNKYARD CHALLENGE.

A very fun afternoon.  One that makes teaching a joy.

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