Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 10, Day 5: Nerd day and Friction and those dang assesments

It's anti-drug week at our school...and today is the day before Halloween...and in a fun mix of the two, today is NERD DAY.

I have had a great week. Busy and productive and Fun. NO stress as is often the case. We started with the Computer cannon lab, then had a notes and video day, and then today Bill Nye Friction and begin the Friction Lab (sliding and then rolling bricks over 3 surfaces to measure force). After 3 labs the students have got data tables, averaging trials, and performing a lab going smooth.

I'm feeling like I'm running out of time for the force unit and am not going as fast enough. I tend to use lab write ups as my class assessments. Unfortunately tests run my state and my district. I hate tests. The only test I really want to use is a good lab write up. Now we have to go back to giving our state benchmarks after about a two year break. Ahh. We have to use a system called EDUSOFT. If you don't print the forms just right they are worthless. Often the scanners don't work...Usually the scanners don't work. Ahh...I hate tests. I know they are necessary evil but...blahhhh!

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