Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 9, Day 1: Newtons laws

I made 3 labs to go with each of Newton's Laws.

Inertia: Roll cars down a ramp measuring distance rolled. Add mass to change inertia.

As an alternative to the car lab I have a set of INERTIAL BALANCES that work slick too.

F=ma: Slide 1, then stack of 2, then stack of 3 identical books across lab table measuring Newtons of force needed to pull the books. Keep acceleration the same my pulling at the same speed. Not real exciting...but accurate.

3rd law: Make a steam engine out of an aluminum can. See the steam jets action force move the can in a spinning motion (reaction force). Some of my colleagues are afraid to use Bunsen burners and do the balloon on a string action/reaction lab. THIS LAB IS HIGH BANG FOR THE BUCK.

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