Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 9, Day 2: Being a Good teacher.

I'm preparing for the California Science Teachers Conference. I am a presenter. It's a lot of work but you all are worth it. Now, being a good teacher.

It's easy. have passion for what you teach. Also it helps if you plan ahead.
This is from a sign in my Colleague, Jeff Hodges, room:

A good teacher challenges,
asks, annoys,
irritates and maintains
high standards.
All that is generally
not pleasant.
I like that.
Here is another one:
An excellent teacher:
1. is prepared for class.
2. treats students with respect
3. only teaches what is important for students to know
4. creates lessons that are well designed and fun.
5. gives immediate feedback.
6. communicates with and involves parents
7. continually grows professionally
8. cooperates effectively with his colleagues and administrators.
9 has a life outside the classroom
10. spends time talking with students and being a real person.
11. have TOTAL passion for their subject.
Heck, I think I need to make this a daily self grade sheet for my self.
Hope this helps,

Love to Teach and Teach with Passion

Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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