Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 7, Day 4: If you need to...apologize.

Two days ago I got grumpy/impatient with my period 1 class. I thought we had prepared the Speed lab graph the previous period. We hadn't, and instead of restarting the lesson I ran from group to group helping them. I was impatient and not real pleasant when I'd arrive at a group expecting to number a graph and find that they had not even averaged their time or calculated speed yet.

2 weeks ago we had an assembly during period 1. I was gone that day and had a sub and a movie planned for the day. I should have just canned the movie for period 1 after the lost time but I choose to show it 10 minutes a day to allow them to finish. We are almost a day behind now.

Today in period 1 I apologized to them for being impatient and grumpy. I felt better and they looked surprised.

Hope this helps,

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