Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 7, Day 5: Don't waste a test.

Today's Best Practice: Testing Lemonaid. Make any test you give a good representation of what you have been studying. Cut and paste of you need, but if you are going to take time away from instruction make sure the test is really good. I got to school an hour early to cut and paste. This after almost an hour last night planning what to put in the quiz.

Our textbook premaid tests are okay. Not great. So I took the good, added a new section with the word processor and rearranged to make a good quiz.

I thought we'd have plenty of time to start on the next unit's notes but after the review questions (which I review very well) we barely had time to grade papers. I offer the kids the option of having me grade their quiz (some kids don't like others to see their scores) but it will take a day for them to get their results.

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