Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 8, Day 3: Are my standards slipping?

The Inertia lab has spanned 3 days now. I use to have this done in a day and due the next day. Am I not as good as I use to be? Am I better now than before? Am I just working with a different bell schedule and kids and just making adjustments?
Can the answer be YES to all three? Can dog people marry cat people?

A student asked me today, after hearing this is my 22nd year teaching 8th graders, "Isn't it boring doing the same thing?" My answer is, "No, I get better at what I do, I improve my lessons and delivery and I really love teaching and science."

I'm pacing my lessons differently this year. That's good. I have less energy than I did on my 20's and 30's... That's life. I am a better teacher, and still improving.

Cat people can marry dog people...the dogs need something to chase!

Hope this helps,

Love to Teach and Teach with Passion

Remember...It's not Magic, It's Science

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