Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer School: Day 10: D-Day-lesson presentation time

Thursday June 24, 2010

NASA Ames PSTI 2010 Website with links to student blogs, web pages and YouTube videos

Day 9 YouTube Video -Practice Lessons

NASA Ames PSTI 2010 Day 10-D-Day, THE LESSON

New- NASA Ames PSTI2010 Virtual control tower ON MARS Day 3.2

ED building room 140 (MISSION CONTROL) opens at 8.
8:30 all hands meeting.
9:00 rooms almost all open for set up.
9:00-12:25 hurry up and wait.
12:25 students enter rooms and lessons begin. I am in the room with team GO Green.

All student teams have their rooms ready, have practiced, have re-practiced and are now beginning their lessons.  Smiles, cool "flight suits" to wear, neat models to use, decisions to make, calculations to do.

I am so proud the student teams that have come together, forged a team, dealt with issues, and made a totally cool , safe, and fun lesson for some children. Oh yes, there were gift bags given to the kids.

A channel 24 camera man enters the class and begins filming the students. As he leaves I call him to me and I stick my camera into his face and I say, "Good day. so what are you doing here this afternoon?".  He smiles, and says he's filming some really excellent and impressive science lessons. Tha t was fun.

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