Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer School: Day 3:Team Patches and Tours

 NASA Ames PSTI Day 3.1 YouTube Video Bienvenidos and Review
NASA Ames PSTI Day3.2 Virtual martian rover (in the virtul control tower)
 NASA Ames PSTI Day 3.3 YouTube Video NASA Educator websites preview
 NASA Ames PSTI Day 3.4 YouTube Video Team Patch Presentations
 NASA Ames PSTI Day 3.5 YouTube Video AEE center tour.  (short version)

Photo: I went a little crazy at the gift shop. Sent this pic to my wife with a message of "Here's what 96 bucks looks like", BUT I made a typo and put 960 bucks" This got me an immediate phone call, she was worried that I  bought two Zeppelin NT tickets too.

8:44 pm: Oh my goodness. What a wonderful day. We Reflected on yesterday, got focused on the lesson the students will present, enjoyed and amazing tour of the Air Traffic control tower simulator (this was amazing!), gifto shop (I lost $100 bucks!), reviewed NASA educator websites (it was pretty neat, I was worried about the Ho Hum factor), Presented team Patches, visited an moratorium, and then Kendia and I did some RECON to find a Dry Ice Supply and TACO BELL.

Now I have 110 video clips (90 min) to make into movies. Will update later. Bye for now.

10:54pm: made 4 movies, 1 to go. Previewed the Dr. Harry Wong DVD. We need to watch this, it is so important for these future teachers to see this, it may change their (professional) life as it did mine. Okay, back to the FlipVideo editor.

11:30 pm: Videos made. I'm so tired.  Not enough time in the day!

2:01 am: Just uploaded to YouTube . Hey my Google doc works.

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!


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