Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer School: Day 9 : Practice

Wed June 23, 2010

NASA Ames PSTI 2010 Website with links to our blogs and beginnings of our webpages.

PSTI 2010 Day 8 YouTube video-practice lessons

Last day at NASA Ames and a fun one.
We spent all morning practicing the lessons.
Each team presented their lesson to the class (we have 4 teams),
2 teams acted as students. Each was given a slip of paper that said what kind of student they were, Examples: Always raised hand, does not want to participate, is out of their seat and distracting, Etc.
One group was an observer group and scored the presenting group with a rubric.

The challenge of the whole week and a half of training, and the 50 min lesson designed
A comet was just discovered on collision course wth the ISS. You have only minutes to gather needed supplies and then use an escape pod to take the crew to a nearby asteroid and crate a habitat to keep you alive for the 5 days needed to await a rescue.

Team Blue FAEA (Future Astronaut Educators of America) created a board game type solution to have students figure if enough room room of the escope is present.

Team Red focused on designin and then creatiing the habitat to sustain life.

Team GoGreen had students calculate how much of each resource (air, food, space suits, water etc) is needed, plot it on a graph, then put the material inside the escape pod to see if it fit. (see pic above)

Team Golden Stardust broke the class into different teams, gave each team a job to do in order to save themselves.

We left for Fresno. Got students checked into the dorms, set up our rooms with our supplies, and then called it a night at 7. I love this sign that hung on the railing at Sequoia Hall.

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