Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 36, Day 5: Roger Bacon, Black Powder, Captain Kirk,Giant Reptiles and Memorial day

Even Block period, An explosive discovery reading passage about Roger Bacon re-discovering gunpowder and Star Trek episode:ARENA.
See Capt. Kirk use Gunpowder
It's the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I show a Memorial day power point based on the photographs from a book called "Offerings at the Wall". It begins with some newspaper cartoons about the meaning of Memorial Day, then the book photos, then some pictures of various Hmong and Laotian memorials. We have a large population of Southeast Asian families and I wanted to so respect and appreciation to them.

Due to a fundraiser reward, 1/3 to 3/4 of my students are gone to a water park. Cool, literally, it's a cold day, especially when wet and with this wind.

I read to my students a story of Friar Roger Bacon re-discovering black powder. Then, since so many of the students were gone, I showed them most of an old Star Trek episode called Arena. It's the one with the giant lizard man battling with Captain Kirk.

The reading passage is on my school website under: Notes and Major Assignments, then Reading Passages.
The memorial day power point is on my school website Home page at the bottom with other downloads..

I hope this helps.

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