Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer School: Week 1 Day 1: NASA Ames PSTI 2010

 NASA Ames PSTI 2010 (Pre-Service Teacher Institute)

Ice Breaker!  YouTube Video
Post Dinner Staff Self Walking Tour  Walk YouTube Video
Oh my goodness this is too cool!

Sunday June 23, 2010
Left Clovis at 9:40 am. Arrived Moffett Field 1:05 and barely late for the welcome and intro.

Oh my goodness this is too cool!
 They are adults, I'm use to 8th graders. This is so weird, I am now on the other side of summer science academies, I'm an instructor. When did I get this darn old : )

Team building was totally cool , lots of smiles and cool vibes. groovy

Interesting noises in the reception lounge, sounds like a dentist working on King kong's molars with jack hammers and saws-alls. Either a/c issues or reconstruction happening down stairs, but I saw no construction workers. I think the building is a transformer (NAS-APTA-TRON, hoping it's an autobot and not a deciptacon) and we were actually in its stomach!

Neat problem solving activity, congress, up the hill, top of the hill, and over the hill were the groups and the task was: "choose me to go to space".

I am very much looking forward to working with, and getting to know, the students.

Kendia and I jumped in to do the Team name and Logo intro. Fun.

Went to dinner at THE FISH MARKET, With Steve, Anne, Felicia , Sharon and Kendia. What a fun group, and nice people. Smoked salmon and albacore. (I mean I ate the fish, not rolled it and lit it and inhaled it) Mmm.

Came back and took a walk. See the YouTube video.
12:24 Go To Sleep!

Quote of the day: "Man, I'm glad I was skinny back then"

Thought of the day: thank-you students for emanating joyful laughter. 

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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