Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 38, Day 5: Last Day

Odd schedule, half day, talent show schedule.
A quiet calm last day. It was not hot, and more than usual absences, those factors may have made it calmer.

This photo is a blast from the near-past.I love the look and body language, relaxed and full of beginning-of-the-year energy. Summer brings that back to us teachers.

I did not participate in the talent show this year. Worry about the summer school class I will help teach, having to get my room cleaned up this week (normally I do it the Monday after school is out), and trying to get the home honey-do list completed, and trying to get as many of my failing students passing(More of those this year, it bothers me) made it too much. .  Usually I have 1 or 2 fail and that usually due to many absences. I had about 10 this year.

I did win an award, for the 4th year in a row, WILDEST 8TH GRADE TEACHER. That was nice but I really feel it should have been my colleague Grace Bennett (the spider lady).

Well I did it.  Blogged for a whole school year. A blog that almost no one reads. Oh well, Like much of my teaching, this was about trying to help colleagues.

I will post a few more times over the summer to give updates about my summer school class at NASA Ames.

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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