Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 28, Day 3: Applying for a 2 week summer jobe with NASA

Odd schedule today. Open House last night. County Science Fair judging this week

Had a headache today, not bad, just there. 

Did some chem bonding notes and Finished Hindenburg video... this took forever to get through. Collected the student periodic tables. they are sooo cute when the use the picture of them as little kids.

Dept meeting this morning,  we gave our wish list of prep period for next year and we found out which of our kids made it to the interview levels of the sci fair.

After school I went to the Science Fair venue after school to pick up the projects that did not advance. Nice to see old friends there(they were doing final judging) and to have a quick dinner with my wife.

I have applied for a 2 week summer job helping pre-service teachers get some experience using NASA website activities in Math and Science.  Location will be at the NASA AMES research facility in the Bay Area near Mountain View at Moffett field.
I have been riding my bike to and from school the past week. This due to no rain and our car needs a head gasket repaired.
Headache gone by end of American Idol...I grade to while listening.

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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